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Our Story

As a family we have always been passionate about wildlife, but more so about rhinos.

Before lockdown, we were lucky enough to travel to Africa where we spent an incredible day with the anti-poaching patrol. It was a very humbling and emotional experience.

Back at home, sitting at the breakfast table we thought about what we could do to help, and came up with a mad idea to make high quality beaded bracelets to raise money for these incredible animals, and so life4rhinos was born.  Every pound, dollar or euro of profit from what we make and sell goes to Imire's Rhino conservation programme.


Why Imire

Our relationship with Zimbabwe has been on going for 25 years, starting with several trips over several years for me as a young man helping with Rhino conservation. 

As a family, 3 years ago we had a wonderful  experience at Imire, walking with the rhinos and getting to know a couple of rangers who look after the animals as if they were their very own family.

We chose to support Imire because of their passion and dedication for rhino conservation, how they support their local communities through providing schools with much needed education programmes, jobs and community projects.  Imire also believe that rural communities and conservation programmes can thrive side by side.  

Their work is also focused on raising awareness of the wildlife and poaching crisis that threatens Zimbabwe and most of Africa.

How we're helping

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Our products


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